Ever get bored of a meeting? No way to stop smalltalk? You need a break?

Call me VIP can simulate to call you after some time and interrupt you from anything you're currently in.

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  • You will not get a real telephone call – but you can pretend to be called.
  • This APP sends you a local notification to mimic an incoming call.
  • Select your time, start countdown, quit the APP and wait.
  • If you want to use it on your Apple Watch, you should not receive the notification on it.



Pure fun, the idea was born sitting around with friends after work. There is no serious answer.

Are there calling fees?


Can I call other friends?

No, this APP only simulates a call on the local device.

The notification is displayed on the Apple Watch.

Please switch off notifications on the Apple Watch, displaying them there is meaningless.

The ring ends after 30 seconds.

Notification sounds are limited to 30 seconds maximum, this a limit of iOS.

There is no notification on my iPhone.

To receive local notifications, you must enable them in the system settings of Call me VIP.

Release notes


  • Small optical corrections
  • Fixed a bug for long running, unhandled call


  • Initial release

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